Portfolio Cohort 2 (Destiny Empowerment Enterprises, Inc.; IRON Dallas; JAH’s Heart; Gift of Reading; and Music is Our Weapon)



noun | port•fo•lio | \pȯrt-ˈfō-lē-ˌō\

a selection of a student’s work compiled over a period of time and used for assessing performance and progress


Our signature and most recognized program is Portfolio, a 3 year curriculum based incubator program designed to assist startup up nonprofit organizations build capacity in their operations and programs. It is marketed primarily to startup nonprofit founders and board members in organizations that have not been in operation more than five years and/or have not exceeded an operating budget of $100,000.  However, we will consider accepting organizations that have not consistently exceeded at $500,000 operating budget. Since launching in 2015, organizations in our program have collectively brought in more than $1,000,000 in revenue.

Portfolio prospects are vetted through a structured application process and evaluated by a panel of experts. Up to 10 new organizations are selected for each new cohort cycle. Selected organizations commit to attending monthly one to one mentoring sessions, as well as a full day monthly cohort training classes during the first year.  It is estimated that organizations receive approximately 100 hours of training and mentoring during the first program year.  During the second program year, organizations commit to again to monthly one to one mentoring sessions and a bi-monthly half-day training session.  The last year of the program, organizations commit to 3 – 4 cohort workshops, or organization specific training sessions, and schedule one to one training sessions as needed.

As many of our target participants typically work traditional jobs while building the organizations,  most of our services are offered during the evening and weekend hours.  Additionally, key to ensuring that quality training is provided, we enlist support from knowledgeable and proven industry experts. Oftentimes in the nonprofit sector, trainers are selected not based on their qualifications but the ability to provide training at a low or no-cost perspective.  Cause Studio selects trainers based on their experiences, achievements and ability to deliver content in a manner conducive to the target audience.

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