noun | com•mis•sion | /kəˈmiSHən/

a group of people officially charged with a particular function

Commission is a nonprofit capacity building fellowship that is designed to help increase the visibility associated with the economic and community development outcomes that the nonprofit sector provides to local communities. It will focus on building a network of fellows by training and developing a pipeline of young local talent who are graduate students or recent graduates.  They will be placed within startup nonprofits in an effort to foster administrative efficiency that will increase organizational capacity and sustainability.  During the pilot year, which is scheduled to commence in November 2018,  Commission will match fellows with organizations where there is a strong need to increase narrative-building, performance metrics, and finance.  The pilot year will be heavily-focused on pre-program and post-program assessment with the nonprofit organizations to help measure effectiveness and capture areas that need improvement.

The ultimate goals are to:

  1. Strengthen the administrative capacity of startup nonprofit organizations by focusing on establishing solid fund development operations to improve sustainability
  2. Create a concrete training opportunity to prepare the next generation of social impact leaders from within the local community
  3. Promote the retention of local professional talent
  4. Provide career guidance opportunities and support to graduate students, recently graduated students, and applicants from economically disenfranchised communities and/or first generation students in higher education.

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Pilot Year Steering Committee

Kimberly Alexander

Melanie Crommett

Marcus Cunningham

Mary Beth Goodrich

Kristin Kelley

Kelvin Nguyen

Lon Ricker

Francesca Rolando

Commission Partners and Supporters