noun | can•vas |\ ˈkan-vəs \

a piece of cloth backed and framed as a surface for creative purposes

Canvas hosts training and networking events primarily for professionals in organizations that have not been in operation more than five years and/or have not exceeded an operating budget of $100,000.  However, the workshops are however open to anyone interested in learning more about the sector.  During the program season, activities are typically offered in 2 hour, half day and full day sessions on a variety of topics to include and not limited to: human resources, fund development, program development, audit readiness, internal controls, financial management, grant writing, budget development, marketing, and strategic planning.  Some of the topic areas may require 2 or 3 sessions. Since launching in 2015, Canvas provided training to more than 1,000 social sector professionals over more than 25 workshops and conferences.

Key to ensuring that quality training is provided, Canvas enlists support from knowledgeable and proven industry experts. Oftentimes in the nonprofit sector, trainers are selected not based on their qualifications but the ability to provide training at a low or no-cost perspective.  Trainers benefit greatly with increasing opportunities to build upon their speaker portfolios while attendees do not always receive the intended value for the time and financial investment made. Cause Studio selects trainers based on their experiences, achievements and ability to deliver content in a manner conducive to the target audience.

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