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Becoming a founder of a nonprofit organization has increasingly become popular for those that are interested in giving back. Unfortunately, for those that push forward with the idea they often do not realize that a nonprofit is a business that just happens to be a charity. Throughout the country we see the numbers of new nonprofits soaring, but we are also seeing the number of failing nonprofits rise as well. Data shows that:

(1) 1 out of every 2 new nonprofits fail within their first year, and

               (2) the rate of nonprofits with operating budgets under $100,000.


Founded in 2015, Cause Studio is on a mission to reduce the numbers of failing startup nonprofits organizations by providing resources, training and tools that are designed to scale, encourage collaboration and sustain impactful programs and services. We focus on providing opportunities for new and fledgling nonprofit professionals that are designed to:

(1) increase the capacity building initiatives of startup nonprofit organizations;

(2) provide opportunities that foster collaborations across multiple organizations; and

(3) reduce the financial barrier to training for organizations with limited budgets.


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